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Warehouse Surveillance – Helping Operations with intelligent Audits

Warehouse Surveillance

Your warehouse is a key element in your supply chain. The management of a warehouse is critical since customer’s experience is directly proportional to the time it takes to deliver item at their doorsteps. To ensure this, there needs to be an audit system that lets management know about how the goods are being handled by the staff in the warehouse. Also, there is the need for an intelligent system that lets you check the timely dispatch of goods. This is where managed warehouse surveillance service comes into the picture.

There are several ways through which warehouse surveillance is helping the operations of the everyday warehouse. There was a time when surveillance only related to the security of a property. Now, the scope of surveillance has increased by a great deal. By outsourcing managed esurveillance for warehouse, businesses are not just securing their warehouses but also getting intelligence based reports that help streamline their entire supply chain by having a positive effect on warehouse management.

Following are some of the ways that warehouse surveillance helps optimize warehouse operations –

  1. Human resource management – Through surveillance, management can get a better idea about the proper utilization of their staff. They can gain knowledge of whether their warehouse is over or under staffed. Also, a check can be maintained on whether the existing resources are performing their day to day duties with due diligence. This sort of intelligence can help management devise new strategies that get the most out their workforce.
  1. Space Utilization – Managing the space of your warehouse is very crucial. Proper space utilization is important to ensure that no space goes under-utilized and that the merchandise is placed in an organized manner. This will ensure a timely dispatch of goods and help you place products in a more optimized manner.
  1. Keeping a check on the dispatch time – Through warehouse surveillance, it is possible to keep a real-time check on the arrival and departure time of various goods. This will give you a good idea about whether the staff is carrying out their duties in a timely manner and ensuring your customers receive their products on time. In the event of any delay, corrective actions can be taken by understanding the gaps in the operations and trying to fill them using the surveillance audit reports.
  1. Know how staff handles inventory – Any damage to the goods in the warehouse directly costs your business. Through surveillance, you can know how your staff is handling delicate products and know immediately if there has been any damage due to mishandling of goods. Also, perishable products need to be kept in cold storage, surveillance helps you check whether your staff has complied with this requirement or has their negligence led to products getting spoiled.
  1. Energy management – Through surveillance, you can know whether there is energy wastage going on in your site and how to conserve energy. You can get analytics for energy consumption and know which appliances consume the most electricity. This knowledge will let you take proactive action and control the usage of these appliances and save your money that would normally be wasted.
  1. Custom Analytics reports – By outsourcing managed warehouse surveillance, you get custom analytics reports based on your business requirements. Through these reports, you can compare the operations of your various sites at regional or national level. Through these reports, operational efficiency can be achieved. Segmented video footage of certain areas or time intervals can be delivered to businesses on their demand.


Managed surveillance is the new trend in outsourcing services. This not just ensures proper security of your business but also increases the productivity of warehouse as well as overall business. GizmoSupport offers managed warehouse surveillance service that helps businesses reduce inventory shrinkage and improve their profits and productivity. To know more, contact us.

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