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Warehouse Surveillance Helps Optimize eCommerce Operations

The rapid boost in the e-commerce industry has created a disruption in the warehouse and logistics sector as well. Being a storage house of valuables and items worth lakhs or even crores, warehouse owners need to focus on security as well as operation optimization. Warehouse surveillance helps business owners keep an eye on their employees, enhance productivity, and ensure security & safety of the inventory in-store.

A Concern for Online Retailers

Inventory damage is one of the major concerns faced by eCommerce service providers today. For instance, consider a situation when a customer orders a cell phone, which is physically damaged on-arrival. He requests for replacement from the online retailer’s website and gets a free replacement. The customer gets his/her device replaced so the customer is satisfied. However, the loser in this situation in most situations is the supplier who has to give away 2 phones at the price of one (one sent to the customer and the other is damaged).

Now the question is who is at fault? The product could have been damaged due to mishandling within the warehouse or while in transit, after dispatch from the warehouse. Most of the retailers lack concrete solutions like operational audits for warehouse that can help determine the real culprit here.

Solving the Matter

Pinpointing the exact cause of damage can help online retailers reduce their loss due to inventory damage. Warehouse surveillance plays a crucial part in this as it helps monitor warehouse operations with live monitoring and regular audits of staff behavior, performance, and their activities.

Maintaining Security

Apart from damage, inventory theft is another serious issue with warehouses, and another major cause of business loss. Theft can be carried out by an outsider or an insider, which can be prevented by investing in a reliable warehouse theft prevention service.

Optimizing Operations

Along with the security aspect, proper surveillance also assists in optimizing the operations at warehouses. A particular instance of this is getting a better idea about the utilization of space, which helps managers make proper use and ensure that the warehouse is packed to capacity. When all the items are correctly placed, the chances of mishandling are lesser and more items can be stored in the same area, optimizing storage costs as well.

Apart from the internal activities, video audits for warehouse help keep a track of the timely dispatch or delivery of goods at the warehouse. This further ensures that customers or clients receive their products on time, and hence, delivers a positive customer experience. Thus, surveillance helps e-commerce businesses build better relationship with their customers.

As e-commerce & logistics industries are both growing strongly with each other, they need to improve operational efficiency for a better business. A professional warehouse surveillance service helps optimize operations as well as enhance security & safety of the inventory in the store.

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