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Why Opt Outbound Telemarketing Companies Over In-house Team?

Outbound Telemarketing Companies

Telemarketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing, which is still widely used in modern times too. It has evolved significantly from boring sales calls to a more innovative way to make prospects listen and buy your products & services. Time & again, telemarketing has attracted a lot of negative reviews. If you just search “telemarketing” on Google, you would find a huge number of negative results.

But in reality, telemarketing has evolved significantly at par excellence of other marketing channels. Here is a guide to Outbound Telemarketing Services as a lead generation weapon. The one major mistake that companies make is considering telemarketing a useless marketing channel on the back of just one bad experience. However, if done right with research, it is one of the most effective lead generation channel giving maximum Return on Investment(ROI).

The good news is that you need not keep an in-house team for telemarketing. You can outsource to outbound telemarketing companies to escape from awful scripts and sales calls. You have more than one reason to outsource telemarketing services. The article gives you 5 reasons to outsource your telemarketing services.

Cost Benefits

When you want leads in bulk, telemarketing is the best channel to opt for without having an impact on the budget. When you keep an in-house team, there is a huge cost involved in terms of salaries, infrastructure, and technology but this is not the case when you outsource. Outsourcing gives you the flexibility of choosing services on an hourly, monthly and yearly basis.

Outsourcing to reliable partners gives desired results in the form of plentiful leads that too at a lesser cost and much faster than an in-house team.


The telemarketing company comes with experts who have a great amount of experience in the telemarketing field. The agents at the telemarketing company have developed expertise with time and polished their skills on making sales calls. Thus, you stand a great chance of getting hot leads for your business. By outsourcing telemarketing services, you feed more leads into your sales pipeline.

Time Saving

Another major benefit associated with an outsourced telemarketing service is the time saved. It is one of the quickest ways to reach your audience and generate leads. As mentioned earlier, telemarketing helps in a constant inflow of leads into your sales pipeline. Thus, you give your in-house sales team enough time to focus more on converting these prospects into customers. You save a lot of time of your sales team which gets wasted in follow-ups, making cold calls. This valuable time can be utilized in other sales activities to enhance productivity.

Return on Investment

The most important reason to outsource telemarketing is to get maximum returns on your investment and establishing new business relations. Outsourced telemarketing is scalable, consistent and quick in delivering the desired results with minimal investment. Keeping an in-house team is expensive to maintain and thus reduces the ROI.

Transparency & Control

For any investment, you would love to see what impact it has made and what value is returned. When you outsource telemarketing services, you get much detailed and transparent reports which give you to insights to the performance of telemarketing efforts.

The real value of telemarketing doesn’t lie in the number of meetings fixed but the pipeline of opportunities. Building a business profile coupled with an effective sales pitch is the real inherent value of any telemarketing activity. The reports are aimed to let you know what industries have been penetrated and what is being done to target those prospects and reactions to the market changes. Thus, it is not recommended to risk taking an in-house telemarketer and not capitalize on the information gained.

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