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Will Lead Generation Companies Save You Money?

Lead Generation Companies

If you are looking to hire a full-fledged marketing executive over outsourcing lead generation, you are not alone. Many companies out there are facing this challenge for years and making decisions that are not productive for business. Whether be a loss of control or lack of clear goals, companies often choose to hire rather than outsource without considering the financial impacts of their decision.

Citing a simple example helps to clarify this point. According to, the typical salary range of a marketing communications specialist with 3 years of experience is approximately $45000. Adding taxes and benefits, this number reaches up to $60000. This is a pretty high number.

Once you’ve found the right person, you still need to invest in building strategy, providing training, giving them necessary equipment like computers, software. Even if you hire a professional , you still would have to outsource some specialized tasks to experienced professionals. So why not outsource lead generation right away?

By outsourcing to lead generation companies, you get access to experienced and qualified people with the skills you need. Lead generation services ensure you get the best prospects for your business so that your sales team needs to deal with only qualified leads.

Invest in Lead Generation Service, Not people

Lead generation offers one major advantage for your business: Experienced staff. But what is more important is how this staff gets allocated for the roles.

When you opt for lead generation service, you need not pay for vacations, breaks or time spent doing personal stuff. These are the major disadvantages when hiring a person.When you outsource, you are not hiring a person but you are paying for the strategy and the service that is being offered by the company.

In any case, you’ll have to spend money. As mentioned earlier, this amounts to nearly $60000. Some will wonder, how does it save money then? The answer lies in Return On Investment. When you outsource, ROI is pretty high when compared to keeping operations in-house.

Business Complexity Does Not Require Hiring

One possible reason is a common myth that hiring an in-house agent will work for businesses having complex business model and long sales cycles. But the matter of fact is, the opposite of this holds true. The benefits of outsourcing increase tenfold as the cost of hiring a person with similar skill set is relatively higher.

This argument holds good because if you decide to maintain existing programs and manage day-to-day operations, you won’t be needing a person with a great skill set and such a high cost. This can be done by lower skilled, less expensive agents.

On the other hand, when you outsource lead generation to outsourcing companies, you get highly qualified and technically sound management team to do the planning and do resource allocation. They can further reassign the tasks when the process has been streamlined. In addition to this, you get to work with individuals who live and breathe marketing. They are regularly updated with the latest marketing trends, looking for new ways to stay ahead of the competition      and monitoring best marketing practices. All these help in achieving better efficiency and results in better leads for your business.

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