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Leading Edutech Company Multiplies Enrollments with Lead Generation Services

How a Leading EduTech Company

Achieved 1765% ROI

in Five Quarters with

Lead Generation Services

Key Milestones

1765% ROI

971% Increase in Revenue

INR 58 Million Annual Revenue

About the Client

Our client is a leading Indian edutech company providing superior technology aided teaching and academic system to its students.


A leading education service provider was not able to pull out the desired level of revenue. Despite having an experienced faculty, advanced teaching modules, and technology backed workshops; there was huge disparity in their enquiry & enrollment ratio. Although, their market presence helped them get enough enrollments yet the results weren’t at par. It was evident that they needed a reliable outsourcing partner for lead generation services. In practice, they required support for efficient enquiry handling, conducting targeted follow-ups, and most importantly increasing registrations.

Our Approach to the Solution

People – Talent Acquisition & Training

Our HR team headhunted for execs with prior experience in education consultancy and lead generation services. They were further groomed for student counseling & communicate course overviews. Student counseling requires extra attention when it comes to communication. Thus, they were trained to resolve students’ queries, while clearing doubts their parents had. After training, execs had to undergo a certification test. Once they started contacting leads, we conducted regular sessions to help them improve their sales pitch and yet ace the counseling part. This made it easier for them to keep students engaged and their parents satisfied, turning a sizeable number of enquiries to enrollments.

Process – Student Journey Mapping

We carried out an analysis to define weak links in the buying journey. It was found that on many occasions, students were not given enough course related information or their parents weren’t convinced with the offerings in place. We defined a communication protocol to put across key course benefits aptly. This ensured that students and their parents were effectively assisted at every stage of the buying journey. With regular competition benchmarking, we helped the client create competitive enrollment packages & highlight the benefits that competitors missed out on. This maximised the possibility of enrollments.

Technology – Knowledge Management

An educational institute needs to be sound with knowledge management. Having oodles of knowledge to share with students, it has to come out well on their portal and in their internal setup. Also, the same needs to be kept regularly updated. We implemented our knowledge management platform to help them neatly structure their course modules and keep them updated with regular inflow of more information. This helped our client keep their students fed with relevant knowledge, leaving them satisfied with their preparation.


After a complete revamp in the client’s approach to accommodate their leads, we were able to deliver vivid results in the form of 1765% ROI, generating INR 58 million revenue in a period of 1 year.

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