Leading Telco Shoots Up Revenue with Lead Generation Services

A Leading Telco

Shoots Up Revenue

to INR 13.24 Million

Revenue in a Year with

Lead Generation Services


13.24 Million Revenue
in a Fiscal Year

650% Return on

350K+ Customers

About the Client

Our client is a multinational telecommunications conglomerate predominantly operates services in the regions of Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania.


A leading telco wanted to expand subscriptions for its suite of internet services over its existing user base. In a year when the internet space was disrupted by new players and heavy discounts in India and most of the old operators were focused on managing customer churn; it was a formidable task for the client to muster more revenue out of its existing subscriber base. Thus, trusting their long association with GizmoSupport, the client chose us to help them with lead generation services.

Our Approach to the Solution


We devised a robust training method wherein executives were educated about the benefits of entire service suite and facilitate effective lead generation services. Hands-on training was conducted to enable them have quality interactions with customers. They were equipped with answers to clear any possible doubt customers could have before upgrading. And along with their upsell pitch and lead closures, the executives would also resolve customers’ existing issues, minimising their efforts to connect with support teams.


With a standard operating procedure (SOP) in place; activity monitoring and performance benchmarking for executives were regular activities. Simultaneously, we ran a customer pulse program to gather strategic insights on customer preferences & pain points. First hand consumer understanding facilitated key decision making to pitch for service upgrades and also conduct a comparison analysis between the bunch of services our client offered versus those offered by other operators. This process accelerated lead closures and enhanced the revenue generation.


We integrated CRM with telephony setup so that before starting the call, execs could access previous customer interactions, purchase history & subscriptions, preferences, and more. And all of it being demonstrated on a unified window, ensuring they stay focused. With much of the information already in place, the execs would make a stable interaction with the customers, customize their pitch for data upgrade, and hence maximize the possibility of conversions.


With successful upsell/cross sell campaigns, we generated revenue of INR 13.24 million in the fiscal year 2017-18 with 650% ROI for the client.

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